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No More Bullying

Anti-Bullying Coordinator 

Mrs. Jean Smith

Principal, Haleyville-Mauricetown School

Anti-Bullying Specialist:

Tarin Leech 

Guidance Counselor, Port Norris School

Robert Domico

Principal, Port Norris School

Ryan Comunale 

Guidance Counselor

Haleyville-Mauricetown School


Harassment Intimidation, & Bullying Policy

Staff Only

OnCourse for Teachers

Power School for Teachers

Reading Wonders

 Netbook Guide - Connectivity Loss (Thanks to MC&JM)



Seating Chart - Always be able to see all screens

Device Assignment - know who is on what computer

DO not save to computer - use a USB or network drive

Set Policies on what is posted & Review district technology policy

Routines & Expectations - where to put netbook, how to carry it, do not carry netbook by the screen


Show Basics - How to save, refresh, common language - desktop

Option: Host a blog or wiki to post "Do Nows" 

"PacMan" - All laptops should be almost closed but not all the way

Recommended Tools: Have a homebase: Blog, Wiki, Google Docs, Edmodo